Co-working a Substitute to Work in Isolation

Human mind is made to work in a space where human interaction & social interaction takes place. To experience this, lock yourself in a room for 10 days & work on a project & then try a coworking space to work on the same project for another 10 days. You will be shocked to see the enhancement in your productivity when you worked at a co working space, where there was much interaction and a lot of social activity happening, compared to the room where you practically had no distractions.

Ask a worker, working remotely in a room with practically no interaction, he will  tell you a variety of challenges & problems that he faces. During the interview of many such people it was found that loneliness & feeling of isolation was their biggest problem. They agreed even one negative thought can trigger a chain of negative thoughts, even small failures start looking very big, ultimately making them more depressed & low on self-confidence.

In our interaction with different psychologists it was pointed out that loneliness is not just a social problem it’s also a health problem which can cause reduction in lifespan.

In a research conducted by Harvard University on co working spaces, it was found out that 84 % of their respondents working in co working spaces, improved their work engagement & motivation.

Some of the key findings from this survey go on to show:

  • 87% of respondents told that they joined coworking for social reasons.
  • 79 % said coworking helped them to expand their network.
  • 83% reported less loneliness since joining a coworking.
  • 82 % respondents said coworking expanded their professional network.
  • 80 % said that they turn to their coworkers for help.
  • 64 % said coworking gave them great referrals.

When these respondents were asked to give words that best describes coworking these were- community, fun and social…… all related to social aspects. Today number of freelancers and independent consultants is increasing with most of them working remotely. Coworking not just reduces loneliness but also provides them with excellent business and technology infrastructure, strong networking opportunity & exposure to innovative business models for it’s members.

Coworking A Paradise for Startups

Planning to have a startup of your own then brace yourself for unwanted warnings from relatives, friends and colleagues around you and they are not wrong in doing so , a general trend suggest around 90% of startup actually fail and reason behind these failures is unmanageable expenses.

Then what is the solution?

Should one give up on the idea without even trying it or should one not encourage enterpurinal skills?

In India, if you are a budding entrepreneur who wants to make it big or wants to market or sell his idea or product you would either rent or purchase an office, or work from home . Good news is that there is also a third option which would not dig deep in your pockets and that is co-working spaces.

Co-working as a concept is gaining popularity amongst startup & that is for a reason , imagine getting a hot cup of coffee when you enter the door of your workplace , accidentally bumping to a person who ends up managing your personal relation & working with your web developer, graphic designer by sitting next to them and getting a content writer through referral ,now if I say all this can happen under the same roof  without the tedious recruitment exercises and working with the best pool of talent in industry.

Rahul Rawat (Digital Marketer) started his own of graphic designing venture for just paying 3500 a month for his membership fee at Jumpstart, most of the clients he made in past six months of his venture were through office space or referrals which came from coworkers working with him at Jumpstart , now compare this to another person who would have preferred for traditional office space over co-working he would initially have to go through searching for real estate,  formulate a lease agreement buying furniture & hiring for different position in a startup by the way this was only the upfront cost what about cleaning, pantry supplies & utilities.

Coworking is a great concept tried & tested around the world and will only gain in the times to come.

Coworking- A Smarter Alternative to Working from Home

The world is becoming small & shrinking faster than ever before – don’t worry I am not narrating a sensational scene of a science fiction movie but emphasizing on the fact that how high-speed internet through broadband and wireless 4G connections, accompanied with some applications on your mobiles and PCs, have made connectivity effortless. This easy connectivity led to the much celebrated concept of ‘work from home’ and was considered to be a panacea for all productivity related problems. Everyone celebrated the benefits that it brought with it- however now both employees and employers have started realizing that ‘work from home’ is not the best suitable alternative available.

This is where Co-working office spaces have come to the rescue of both the  employees and the employers in metros and now in smaller cities. Jumpstart – The Coworking Hub being the sole such facility in the tier 2 city of Dehradun encourages employees to work in calm and peaceful surroundings -away from the metropolitan rush. Office spaces such as these enable an employee to contribute to her company and her team from a distance, without her actually being present.

Studies have suggested that employees working from home must be prepared for some side effects for e.g. in the middle of a long distance telephonic call from a very important client you might experience distraction from your kids. One of the first clients at Jumpstart, a 27 year old employed with a Mumbai headquartered company (and working virtually from the remote location of his hometown) says;

“I tried working from home for a period of 25 days but there were too many distractions and I was finding it difficult to meet my deadlines. Fortunately I found Jumpstart!”

Client signed up with co-working space, in Jumpstart Dehradun because the working space was close to his house and this reduced his commutation time. This was so good for his productivity that after a one-month trial period, his company extended his membership for period of 6 months. Moreover the company was happy bearing his 6 months membership cost as they were getting better results.

Recent trend shows a spike in both demand and supply of such co-working hubs. According to a CBRE research there are around 350 shared office operators spear over 800 locations across India. A major reason for such spike is that our homes are not built to function like office space.  A co-working space, on the other hand, provides you a professional ambience along with excellent internet speed, AC, power backup, conference and meeting rooms, printing facilities, reception and housekeeping services, complimentary hot beverages, flexible working hours, etc. All of the above and then some more, make working from a Co-working space a far superior alternative to working from home.